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Social Prescribing

Social Prescribing Link Workers have been working in Walsall General Practices since April 2020. Many things affect people’s health and welling. Some patients that visits GPs are feeling isolated and lonely, maybe stressed due to work, money or have housing problems. Sometimes it could be the stress of managing different long term health conditions or caring for those that do. This is where a Social Prescriber can help. Clinicians refer to the Social Prescriber following discussing this with the patient. The Social Prescriber is there is listen to the patient, and connect them with people, organisations or activities that might be able to support them further. This can include introducing the patient to a community group, new activity, local club or they may help you find legal advice, debt counselling or the local authority for support. They also support the patient to create new interests, such as a gardening club, coffee morning, fishing group, arts and crafts or knit and natter group.

It is the aim of our social prescribing team to support and enable patients to have more control over their own health and find ways to improve how a person is feeling in a way that suits them. To access the social prescribing service, please call your GP practice who will be able to connect you to the social prescriber.

To access the social prescribing service, please call your GP practice who will be able to connect you to the social prescriber.

Support and Enable Patients

Examples of where the social prescribing service has supported Walsall patients.

Mrs A

Mrs A was struggling with her current housing situation, due to her deteriorating health condition. After speaking with the service, the Social Prescriber was able to connect Mrs A with the Accord Housing association who have managed to find alternative accommodation, where Mrs A is much more comfortable.

Mr S

Mr S has been through an exceptionally difficult time and was struggling with his own mental health. After speaking with the social prescribing service, he was referred to Walsall Talking Therapies and WPH Counselling Service for his anxiety and depression and is continued to be supported by these organisations.

Miss C

Miss C was struggling with her weight management and had visited the GP practice many times for this. Whilst managing her clinical condition, her GP referred her to the social prescribing service to see if they could help. Following conversations with the service, Miss C was referred to the Walsall Walking On programme, which continues to aid her weight management journey.