Under the new NHS Long Term Plan released in January 2019, all GP practices are required to be a member of a local Primary Care Network (PCN), in the aim to connect the local primary care team.  These networks have been established to support primary care organisations, such as GP practices, in their operations and with the services they provide to patients. 

The networks are also responsible for the provision of integrated care and hence intend to involve community care staff and to employ clinicians to work in the area. Walsall has been divided into seven Primary Care Networks comprising of; North, East 1, East 2, South 1, South 2, West 1 and West 2. All Primary Care Networks have an appointed Clinical Director, these can be seen below.The seven Walsall Primary Care Networks are working closely together to standardise the work of the PCN’s in Walsall, with the aim to create a one-stop-shop for Walsall healthcare.

The British Medical Association (BMA) believes the networks will bring the following benefits to patients:

  • resilient high quality care from local clinicians and health and care practitioners, with more services provided out of hospital and closer to home
  • a more comprehensive and integrated set of services, that anticipate rising demand and support higher levels of self-care
  • appropriate referrals and more ‘one-stop shop’ services where all patient needs can be met at the same time
  • different care models for different population groups (such as frail older persons, adults with complex needs, children) that are person-centred rather than disease-centred.
To learn what PCN your surgery belongs to, please visit the Walsall CCG website using the following link: WALSALL CCG. 

Walsall PCN Clinical Directors

PCN North

Dr Nasir Asghar

Pinfold Medical Practice

PCN East 1

Dr Sandeep Kaul

New Road Medical Centre

PCN East 2

Dr Francois Bolliger

Northgate Medical Practice

PCN South 1

Dr Riaz Ahmed

Little London Surgery

PCN South 2

Dr Ryan Hobson

Lichfield Street Surgery

PCN West 1

Dr Ravi Sandhu

Forrester Street Medical


PCN West 2

Dr Shadia Abdalla

Lockfield Surgery


Comments, Suggestions or Questions?

If you would like to get in touch with the Primary Care Networks, please email Ross Turner, PCN Facilitator, using the below details or simply complete the form opposite.