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Since the NHS formed in 1948, the population has grown and patients are living longer. Some are managing one or more complex health conditions like diabetes, heart disease and asthma or need support with mental health and wellbeing. As part of the NHS long term plan, GP practices across England have begun working together with; community, mental health, social care, pharmacy, hospital and voluntary services to form Primary Care Networks, typically comprising of 30,000 to 50,000 patient. The aim of these networks are for GP practices and providers to work collaboratively, with combined aims of supporting patients and improving the quality and availability of to healthcare services for its patients.

There are 52 GP practices in Walsall that have formed 7 PCNs:

Walsall North PCN

Walsall East 1 PCN

Walsall East 2 PCN

Walsall South 1 PCN

Walsall South 2 PCN

Walsall West 1 PCN

Walsall West 2 PCN

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The seven Walsall PCNs are keen to work collaboratively to ensure that primary care services across Walsall are delivered on a consistent basis. Therefore, the PCNs have joined together to form a PCN Board, working at scale to commission, support and promote improved health for Walsall.

Additional Roles in Primary Care

A key feature of practices coming together, is introducing new roles into general practice which helps enable greater access to primary care as well as ensuring the sustainability of primary care. These roles include:


The PCNs are actively looking at recruiting pharmacists of all levels to work in General Practices. Pharmacy Technicians are being recruited to work within General Practice to help improve the care offered to the local population and develop new ways of working. Pharmacy Technicians will support clinical and non-clinical practice staff across the network in relation to aspects of medicines and their impact. They will work closely with GPs, Pharmacists of all levels, Nurse Practitioners, Practice Nurses, Community Nurses and other healthcare professionals to promote safe, effective and high quality, cost effective use of medicines in prescribing decisions.

First Contact Physiotherapists

The Walsall PCN group are excited to welcome physiotherapists into primary care in Walsall. This is often a service we see delivered in secondary care and believe that it will provide excellent support to our patients and reduce pressure from other healthcare professionals employed in practices.

Physician Associates

Physician Associates are a new and exciting role. The PCN group has employed a small team of physician associates and plans to support and teach them over the coming years, to eventually grow a large and experienced team. This is also an interesting time for the physician associates as there role looks to seek accreditation from the GMC, which will bring prescribing rights into the role.

Community Paramedics

The Walsall PCNs Group is actively recruiting paramedics to work within the Walsall PCNs. With this new role it is though that the paramedics will be able to support patients both in the practices and in their own homes.